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PES2012 新闻解禁日将定于6月8日(游戏画面,视频等资讯或将井喷)

2011-06-07 00:26:41 作者:peser| 来源:游侠网| 浏览次数:


Tuesday is the day we could get some PES info, although I very much doubt that Konami will have a booth available for people to openly play PES, as usually at E3 they have a conference/presentation to the likes of our friends at WENB who have gone over there, behind closed doors. In the past I'm sure after the presentation has been completed, Konami have released another trailer, so I think tomorrow we'll get an informative trailer like we've recieved in the past.


Then Wednesday, as companies continue to give public press conferences, the day is mainly used for visitors to look around a bit more & play games again. But remember, Wednesday the 8th of June is when the Embargo drops, so if not by tomorrow, then on that day we will be hit by a huge wave of news, both from Konami & The boys on WENB (+Other gaming websites.) They can talk freely about what they've experienced up to now. This will be practically everything to do with gameplay, just no info about game modes yet, as they've not yet experienced them. Still, Konami will release something official, in the past they've revealed MLO + Stadium Editor + BAL info at E3 before If I'm right. Therefore, on Wednesday, we should get mounds of official news from Konami + Impressions from game reviewers.

后天(8号)将是给玩家们到现场试玩游戏的时间,届时PES 2012的消息也将解禁,大量新游戏的官方新闻,图片,视频等将会在国外各大网站陆续公布。