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PES2012 西甲授权,并传出取代梅西成封面的将是C罗

2011-07-24 08:33:06 作者:peser| 来源:网络| 浏览次数:


Japanese site Famitsu today posted an interesting article about PES 2012, interesting not because of what's written in it or because of the pics - in the small text under the article we can find this interesting bit:
Producto oficial licenciado RFEF Campeonato Nacional de Liga BBVA Producto bajo Licencia Oficial de la LFP 
This sounds very much like we will see a fully licensed Spanish league again, after we only had a number of teams licensed the last few years.
On other hand, it appears very likely to see Cristiano Ronaldo re-appearing on the cover this year after Konami have lost Lionel Messi. Numerous posts on their facebook page telling us how great Ronaldo is are a strong indicator, we would say.